Interview with Tammy Washington: On ‘nailing’ the achievement of goals


 Vera: What is a ‘Nailed it’ plan and what does it need to contain for it to be a form of blueprint so to speak for goals achievement?

Tammy: A ‘Nailed It’ Plan is a detailed plan for how you will obtain a specific result in your life. In order for a Nailed It Plan to be most effective you MUST have a clearly defined goal that you can visualize and that you believe is possible. It is also helpful to have multiple ways of potentially achieving the result so that you don’t get discouraged if one strategy doesn’t work.



Vera: Your strategy for nailing one’s dreams includes ‘’creating your why’’; how does one do this and what are the values that give it traction?

Tammy: If we take a look at the process of manifestation, it goes a little like this. Your

THOUGHTS lead to your FEELINGS, your FEELINGS lead to your ACTIONS, and your ACTIONS give you specific results. Having a “why” creates an emotional attachment to your goal, which will often change your actions when it comes to your goal. For example, if you decided you want to earn an extra $10,000 this month, that may seem like an impossible goal (especially if you’ve never done it before). However if you had a sick child or relative who needed that money for a life saving operation, you would work 10 times harder, ask for help from more people, and generally do whatever it took to earn the $10,000. The ‘why’ of the sick child or relative creates an emotional boost that springs you into big action.


Vera: In your experience, what gets in the way of people achieving their goals?

Tammy: The number one deterrent of obtaining your goals is the belief that you can’t have it or that you are unworthy of it. Everything begins with belief. If you want something you’ve never had before, you must first believe you can have it.


Vera: One thing you mention in your book “Nail it” is the concept of self-evolution and the fact that one is creating their life every single moment. How best can those who are always looking for ‘quick success’ work with this concept effectively?

Tammy: The idea of quick success seems to be something everyone wants – yet it is frowned upon as a concept. We are in fact creating every moment of our lives, and if you desire quick success, create small daily goals that keep you on track for your major goals. Every time you complete a task toward the larger goal, congratulate yourself for the win. The feeling of being a winner is addictive. The idea of winning will build momentum as you strive towards a new life, career, etc. If you want “quick success”, simply focus on “small wins.”


Vera: People don’t always notice the negative patterns they are creating. How can

people sharpen their ability to notice this and create positive patterns?

Tammy: A great way to notice negative patterns is to create a ‘daily values’ log. Make a list of the things you value in your life. It could be a healthy, loving relationship with a significant other, creating a powerful career that you are proud of, volunteering and giving back, etc. Create a list of values you want in your life. At the end of every day, score yourself in each area on a scale of 1-10. If you are getting less than 5 in certain areas now you can look at what actions you took and how that affected your score.


The more you notice what is bringing your score down, the more your negative patterns will be pronounced. As an example, perhaps one of your values is volunteering, but for 3 weeks in a row you scored low, because you didn’t take time to find a place to give back. You could look at where you spent the time that could have been used for volunteering. Perhaps, you watched too much TV or too much time surfing the web. None of these things are inherently wrong, it’s simply a matter of whether or not they are keeping you away from the things you deem to be most more important.


Vera: How might the “Nail it” strategies be put to work in a organizational setting where team members might have different motivations with regard to corporate goals?

Tammy: Every team should have corporate goals, and each member of the team should be well aware of the goals. Having multiple “Nailed It! strategies allows team

members to brainstorm and test ideas on how to achieve the desired result of the team’s major goals. Remember, it is the result that is most important, yet many times we get caught up on the ‘how’. The more flexible a team leader is on the ‘how’, the faster the desired results will be achieved.


Vera: What are some of the early lessons you learnt in your own journey of ‘Nailing it’’ and how did you work through them?

Tammy: Some of my most important key learnings while pursing success have been:

  • There are multiple ways to achieve any goal, and the more flexible you are with the ‘how’ and ‘when’, the better your journey towards the goals will be.
  • Everything that glitters isn’t gold and everything that stinks is boo boo (lol). This phrase simply means that there will be opportunities that seem like they are amazing, yet they won’t always give you the result you want, and sometimes the overlooked opportunity is often the one that opens a doorway to success.


Vera: If you were to take the ‘Nail it’ philosophy to the next level, what would be the focus/thrust?

Tammy: The next level would be to determine why you want the desired results that you are striving for. Often times, we can’t get the result we want, because deep down

inside we don’t really want the result or we have conflicting values.


Vera: What is Tammy looking to nail next?

Tammy: I am finishing up a cross country trip which has always been a dream of mine and I am looking to help others experience their greatest dream.


Tammy’s profile

Tammy Washington is the author of Nailed It! Be It, Do It, Achieve It!  and the creator of the Employee to Entrepreneur Mastermind. She is a personal empowerment speaker and trainer with a mission to help individuals live a life they love, and to love the life they live.  She has trained employees for companies like Nintendo, State Farm, Sam’s Club and The Marketing Arm.  Tammy is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a trainer for New Peaks, the United States’ largest personal development company. More on Tammy from


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