Interview with Onyi Anyado: On Using Talent and Vision to Achieve Distinction


Vera: Your brand is distinction. What is distinction and how does it manifest practically?

Onyi: Yes, my brand is distinction. For me, when you are doing what you know and love and doing it with excellence, that is distinction. The journey of distinction requires you to have a clear and defined vision, remain focused and to consistently raise the bar of excellence.

Vera: Excellence is at risk of extinction. What is it that makes it difficult for people to aspire to excellence and how can this all important value make a comeback?

Onyi: Excellence has always been at risk of extinction but it has always survived. Once in a while, entrepreneurial leaders rise up to change the status quo, Richard Branson is a notable example. Another example is Tony Elumelu who supports and inspires people to rise up and achieve their goals. With my own message and work on promoting distinction, I believe I am changing the game and demonstrating excellence and distinction to inspire others how to excel.

Vera: What are the key messages in your book, ‘The Doorway To Distinction’ and what is the key mission you are trying to further with this book?

Onyi: ‘The Doorway to Distinction’ is all about becoming distinguished. My book contains 200 of my own quotes. 25 quotes on vision. 25 on excellence. 25 on distinction and 25 quotes on goals. Each quote has thought leadership, practical steps and inspiration which teaches, empowers and inspires the reader how and why they should become distinguished in their chosen field.

Vera: For people who are not sure how to start the journey to distinction, what are some of the ‘doorways’ they can work on creating or opening?

Onyi: To start the journey to distinction, a good starting point is to create a personal vision that is connected to your gifts, talents and passions because these personal attributes will equip you to pursue your vision. A clear and defined vision will provide the direction that helps you work your way to winning and achieving excellence. My book, ‘The Doorway To Distinction’ and my Twitter feed; @OnyiAnyado777  also share practical ideas on the many opportunities and possibilities in becoming distinguished.

Vera: The term role model these days is used rather loosely. What do you believe makes you a role model and what do you do day to day to advance this role?

Onyi: My vision as a role model is to teach my generation how to excel in the role of distinction. To become a role model you must have a clear and defined vision which transcends different races in different places around the world. Serving those around you with your talents, time and tenacity is crucial in becoming a recognized, respected and well regarded role model. In this day and age, there are many opportunities and platforms to empower, equip and educate others on and offline, so with this, every day is a day of inspiring, influencing and instructing others how and why they should fly the banner of distinction. A role model has to be able and willing to push through their fears and tears to become the person that others can be inspired and challenged by. Every day is a new opportunity to be inspired and to inspire others and to also bring people into new realms of excellence and challenge them to become distinguished in their chosen field.

Vera: What are some of your concerns about the future of the young generation and what can young people do to create an exceptional future?

Onyi:  In my opinion, mainstream education unfortunately, doesn’t identify, nurture or celebrate young people’s gifts and talents. With this, young people don’t understand the importance of leadership or develop vision, critical thinking and other necessary life skills. Social media is also turning out to be a blessing and a curse for many young people because many are on their phones/tablets every hour without learning or networking with people who can stretch their minds. Thankfully, there are many change agents who are and continue to empower, equip and enlighten young people. For example, here in the UK, I work alongside Barclays to deliver life skills workshops to pupils across the United Kingdom. I believe young people should embrace leadership because leadership is not about age and it is vital they understand how and why they should positively influence, impact and inspire others.

Vera: Employee distinction is another area of your work. How does one become an employee of distinction and what can organizations do to help employees achieve distinction?

Onyi: Employee development and distinction is critical and necessary for organizations to survive and become distinguished. Leadership, team work and creativity are key disciplines that organizations must focus on towards achieving employee distinction. I cover these topics and more in my talks titled; How to become an employee of distinction™. When employees are hungry for change, open to new ideas and also challenged and trained on why and how they can accomplish their best, in my experience they will be ready, set and willing to go the extra mile to distinguish themselves which in turn strengthens their company brand and increases the revenue.

Vera: You mentioned earlier ‘The Doorway to Distinction’ has 200 quotes. If someone asked what is the best quote to start with, which quote would you say and why?

Onyi: Good question. I would say, start from the first quote in the book. That first quote explains that people of distinction always walk into new realms of excellence whilst people who are afraid, stumble into their comfort zone. My point is in the journey of life, many stay in the arena of mediocrity but at the same time want to become people of distinction. They have to realize excellence doesn’t come easy and putting in continued effort will make the difference. It is vital to continually strive and reach new levels of excellence with your clear and defined vision so in turn, one can continually hit the target called distinction.

Onyi’s profile

Onyi Anyado is the founder of Onyi Anyado Media House and is a multiple award-winning international Conference Speaker, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Author & Global Thinker. From his message of distinction, Onyi speaks on educational, business & corporate platforms around the world teaching, training & coaching people how to become distinguished in their chosen field. More on Onyi’s work at

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