Interview with Lucinda Cross: On bouncing back from setback

Vera: Your books are about helping readers build the foundation for extraordinary lives against any odds. What would you describe as an extraordinary life?

Lucinda: I would say a life that you live according to God’s plan, a life filled with service, bliss, love and happiness. It took me years to realize that I deserved a life of love, wealth and health. I truly did not believe that was possible until I shifted my mindset to not only believing the best for others but believing that I deserved the best as well.


Vera: One of the key tools you use in teaching is your vision board concept. What’s the way to create an effective vision board and where does the real life-changing shift come from?

Lucinda:  Most people find it hard to focus on one goal and procrastinate on doing the work that is required to get the goal accomplished. The shift for me came from being frustrated with being broke and my fears of failure. To create a good vision board, you must incorporate goals related to faith, family, friends, finances, fitness and fun. Keep it to one goal for each area for the year. Find an accountability partner to hold you accountable for doing what is required to accomplish the goals.


Vera: You believe that times of difficult decisions are moments of power – the power of choice. How so and what’s the approach to making the best possible choice in any given circumstances?

Lucinda:  Life is not all about things going the “right way” or things happening the way you expect. It’s about learning the lessons through life’s experiences. Most people give up too soon during hard times. They don’t look at the opportunity to come back from their setbacks in order to win in their career, business, relationships and in life.


Vera: You bounced back from suffering the consequences of a bad choice you made in your younger days to now being a dealer in hope as your purpose. What are some approaches to discovering and pursuing one’s purpose?

Lucinda:  Trust God. I was a huge procrastinator and my worst critic but I had to believe that God wanted more from me than I wanted from myself. When I changed my perception of my purpose, my life changed. Thereafter, I made my first 6 figure income in business; I married the man of my dreams and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I had been to prison for a bad choice I made, but I never let society or the Federal government prison ID stop me from being my best. I am for years now making a difference by sharing my story honestly and helping others see beyond their circumstances.


Vera: What would you say has been your steepest learning curve, how did you get through it and what are some lessons you can share to benefit others?

Lucinda: I would say being fearful of asking and receiving. Not receiving kept me in the scarcity mindset in the past and not asking kept me in the ‘entre-poor-neurship’ mindset. The moment I missed out on a 6-figure business deal because I was fearful of success was a pivotal moment for me as I had been over-thinking the process.


Lucinda’s profile

Lucinda Cross is CEO of Activate Worldwide Inc. and founder of Activate Your Life 501c3. She reaches more than 30,000 Activate members globally and hundreds of thousands others through her weekly radio features WNBM 103.9 FM NY.  Lucinda is a best-selling author of 5 books and a recipient of the Life Time Achievement Award from former President Barack Obama. She is a highly sought after International Speaker and Corporate Coach, using her life experiences to inspire thousands.


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