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My mission with this blog is to bring you top leadership, life, business and personal development insights from authors and expert writers to help you grow, glow and show the best of you or indeed to use in whatever way is transformative for you.

I hope the content inspires and enables you to move yourself upwards and forwards, to enjoy some good insights and improve your own thinking as well as stock up on good ideas to make the  shifts that will help you create the quality of life you want and deserve.

About me

I am Vera Ng’oma, a leadership, personal and career development expert and a passionate advocate for tangible excellence. I am in the business of seeding high quality understanding, stimulating productive mentalities and providing top notch services to help individuals and organizations leverage their strengths, achieve bold goals and make their mark. Through writing, speaking, coaching, consulting and training I am committed to using practical and fit for purpose ways of educating, equipping and inspiring people and workplaces to act to become effective, excellent and exceptional. For more information on my work and resources, click here.


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  1. Bob Sager
    Bob Sager at |

    Hi Vera, My name is Bob Sager. I was directed to your blog from a post by my LinkedIn connection, Marcus Aurelius Anderson. Good interview. Marcus is one of the contributing authors to our next book in the Wealthy Life Series. It’s going to be called Living a Consequential Life : The Power of Have To.

    I’m writing today because I think that one or more of the contributing authors in our first book in the series, Living a Wealthy Life : Stories of Gaining an Abundance in All Five Forms of Wealth, may make an interesting interview for your readers. You can see reviews and a preview for the book at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074TY55M7/

    I’d be happy to chat about it if there is an interest. Thanks for your time!

    Have a great day!


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